With over 10 years of experience for both large and boutique agencies,

Dan brings expertise in a wide array of background investigative services including, pre-employment screenings, skip traces, litigation support, social media monitoring, risk & threat assessment, asset and real property reports, scholarly article analysis, adverse media searches, Deep & Dark web searches, and fraud investigation.

Case size experience runs the gamut of one-off quick personal identity
verification to multi-year legal matters in excess of $50 Billion.

As Managing Director of DGDI, Dan delivers tailor-made services to client’s specific needs even in the
midst of client's most dire circumstances. Beginning with primarily
divorce-related litigation-support,

Dan's expertise has grown into a go-to resource relied upon by some of the largest Law Firms in the United States, capable of handling
international corporate trials and highly confidential matters at the
direction of VIP representatives.

As often said by his mentor, Herman Weisberg, "Attorneys are artists, and it’s our responsibility as private investigators to provide them with
the tools and pigments they need."

What We Do

Background & Litigation Support Investigations

Due diligence research of companies or individuals in anticipation of or involved in litigation. Scope of data includes subjects’ personal and contact information; education credentials and professional licenses; professional history and business affiliations; potential criminal and civil litigation records; regulatory sanctions; social media, news article, and general internet presence. Tailor-made to fulfill the needs of clients and counsel.

Skip Tracing

We leverage a variety of databases to identify the status and whereabouts of parties – particularly individuals deliberately avoiding detection due to litigation or liabilities.

Asset Searches

We research to identify publicly disclosed business affiliations, real property, and bank accounts pertaining to individuals, companies, or trusts – even those assets that are obscured from detection. Research can include civil litigation and social media investigations to expand asset detection.

Social Media Monitoring & Threat Detection

We identify, capture, and preserve social media content from individuals or organizations to analyze for relevant information and determine potential threats or adverse chatter. Monitor potential threat actors for real-time updates on developments. Assist clients with instructions and protocols for reducing internet exposure and footprint.

Nationwide investigations

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 646-846-7848

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 646-846-7848